• Arvin Tehrani

    Arvin Tehrani

    Chief Executive Officer

    With over a decade's worth of programming and design experience spanning many different programming and design languages including 3D design. Being able to both code and design gives Arvin a different perspective when it comes to creating experiences.

  • Julieann Fowler

    Julieann Fowler

    Communications Director

    Meet Julieann, the Communications Director of Contrast Media Labs. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Communications, Julieann specializes in advertising initiatives, creating informative content, new business development, and customer service. Julieann ensures that the messaging for Contrast Media Labs is cohesive and engaging across various channels, including mobile platforms, video, and social media.

  • Steffanie Fowler

    Steffanie Fowler

    Chief Operating Officer

    Steffanie brings a fresh perspective to the design process with her unique experience with color. Steffanie has 20 years of experience as an advanced hair colorist which gives her the keen ability to match colors and character designs.